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Nerd Fitness – 3 Lifting Tips for Beginners

Summary : You are most likely overestimating your daily caloric intake. Monitoring proper recovery (sleep, food, stress) is more important than worrying about over-training. Don’t just set one goal, such as losing 20 lbs. Think about being healthy as a … Continue reading

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Key Concept: Increase Tonnage Lifted

Increase tonnage lifted.  This is a simple but crucial concept I believe doesn’t receive the attention it deserves.   While exercising, rather than get caught up in how much you’re sweating, how high your heart rate is, or how much … Continue reading

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Achieving Peak Performance – My Story

Most people wish for more time. They believe that if they only had more time, they could get everything done that they want. I would strongly disagree. It isn’t time that most people need but extra energy to be more … Continue reading

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