Question: “Why are people so miserable?”

Because we are caught up in a shared mass hypnosis and a dream. We are attempting to “reach the horizon” when the horizon by its very nature is unattainable. What do I mean by this?

Ignorantly striving is the root of much misery. I need to get my degree, my dream job, my ideal mate, my dream house, my million dollars…. and then I will be happy complete whole and worthy. Do you understand and see how this is a fruitless endeavor? You will be forever stuck on the exhausting hamster wheel because you do not understand that external attainment can never and will never ultimately satisfy. And so you and everyone else continue to strive and run all the same.

How to get out of this predicament? Wake up to the fact – know and not believe – that you are whole as you are and that nothing outside of yourself can complete you. You’re very nature is complete; wake up to this.

When you understand this you can pursue your goals and materialize your dreams in freedom. The freedom to just be. And to enjoy the process and the journey of life unfolding because since you understand “As you are, is enough” much of the striving and feeling of insufficiency simply falls away. Attainment is simply another peak that we momentarily relish amongst many peaks as we journey through life. The Tibetan Buddhist saying goes something like “After this mountain more mountains.” Onwards and upwards to greater clarity peace solidness and strength.

I assume there are different paths to get here. Meditation is a tool that I recommend. Read “Breath by Breath” by Larry Rosenberg.