Keep the goal on the radar, but focus on the workouts.

Clients are typically motivated to see me to lose fat, build muscle — simply look better.  For guys, it’s “I want a bigger chest and arms.” Gals, “I want a tighter butt and firmer arms.”  Awesome.

Realize this.  Other than through liposuction or plastic surgery, you cannot directly change the way your body looks.  A lean, fit, and healthy body is the result of the quality and consistency of your workouts and eating habits — activities you have direct control over.  Bottom line is do the work.  Put in the time, effort, consistency, and intelligence to increase your fitness.

This may seem obvious, but I believe it’s a subtle but important difference in perspective.  Instead of focusing on the result, focus on the activity.  All too often I hear complaints of wanting a better body, and on questions as to what it takes to get it.  It’s important to educate yourself and know the answer but ultimately you’ve got to do the work.  Because you are stronger, can do more repetitions, are faster and more powerful.  Because you’ve built your body into a better and more efficient machine.  Because of this you will get the look that you’re after.

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