Personal Trainers

Anthropos performance

Nuey Thepyasuwan — NSCA-CSCS, CISSN

Nuey specializes in kettlebells — a crude and archaic training instrument that delivers serious results. Try it… you’ll see. He studies exercise science deeply not only to satisfy his thirst for knowledge, but out of his obligation to deliver his clients the best results possible. Nuey is influenced by Russian based exercise science literature which looks at the human body from a neurological and hormonal perspective, and at how these systems are affected through diet, rest, and physical conditioning.

Hasan Cheema — NCSF-CPT

Hasan, a NCSF certified personal trainer, comes to Anthropos with an innate passion for strength training. Over 10 years of personal experience in Powerlifting, Strongman (think sleds, farmer’s walks, tire flips, etc.), and Bodybuilding, has given Hasan a solid foundation to educate and coach others. He has a strong understanding of the biomechanics involved in the compound lifts, an appreciation for unconventional forms of cardiovascular endurance, and a deep understanding of nutrition. In addition to coaching, Hasan actively competes in the 181lb weight class and currently holds the American deadlift record. He believes that the right mix of nutrition, strength training and a dash of high-intensity cardio is the best combination to help you reach your fitness goals.