Lift Heavy Weights

Are you a man?  Want to lose fat, gain muscle; simply look and feel better and more self-assured?  The key to making this happen… lift heavy weights.  The 80/20 rules applies to weightlifting as it does in so many other areas of life.  Eighty percent of your results will come from the twenty percent of available exercises.  What twenty percent do you focus on?  The “big lifts” — squats, deadlifts, cleans, presses, and their derivatives.  Get stronger.  As the amount of weight you lift increases, so will the amount of muscle you pack on your frame.  Here is a general outline to increase muscle and might, and obtain a higher level of living:

  1. Desire. Nurture the flame inside, see and feel what you want and build the inner fire into a blaze.  If it’s just a small flame, don’t worry, as your knowledge and experience in training grows so too will your desire and love for the iron.  Keep on.
  2. Strength. The majority of your time and effort spent in the weight room are spent on the big lifts.  Since the goal is to increase muscle and strength, a 5×5 or 5×3 system is good.  That is, five repetition of five or three working sets on any one exercise.
  3. Eat. Eat natural whole foods.  Your diet should be focused around meat, vegetables, and water.  And eat plenty of it.  Your goal is to turn food into muscle.
  4. Rest. Eight hours is the recommended amount.  But if you need to get by on less, eating good food and in sufficient amounts will be even more important.

More to come. For the love of the iron.

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