Lose Belly Fat

“What ab exercises should I do to get rid of belly fat and tighten my stomach?”  I hear this all the time and just want to set the record straight. You don’t do stomach/abdominal exercises in order to shrink your waistline. No crunches, no leg lifts, no “core” exercises with the hopes of getting rid of belly fat. Body fat is just stored energy (regardless of where it’s stored).

Think of fat on your stomach (or thighs for women) as an extra gas tank, and your big muscles (i.e., legs, back, chest, shoulders) as the engine that uses that energy/gas and burns it away.

  • Most effective exercises? Squats, deadlifts, presses, pull-ups… i.e., Use “compound multi-joint” movements with the intent of progressively lifting heavier weights.
  • Best diet (i.e., eating habits)? Really focus your eating around natural whole foods; mainly veggies and meat. Cut out or minimize sugar and starches (i.e., bread, pasta, rice, crackers, cookies, cakes, soft drinks and sodas, etc.); limit alcohol to no more than 2 drinks per week; eat your food, don’t drink it — that is, no smoothies, shakes, or fruit juices; limit fruit to none or only 1 piece per day.
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