Training Variables — Frequency, Intensity, Duration.

What is the secret to building muscle and losing fat?  The answer: Become more physically capable!  This means the stronger you get by progressively lifting heavier weight, the more muscular endurance you develop by performing more repetitions and sets, and the faster you can execute the repetitions while maintaining proper form — the better your body will look.

  1. Frequency — How often you workout; this can be number of training sessions per day or over the course of a week.  Typically for a fit and healthy lifestyle, you resistance train 2-4 days per week.
  2. Intensity — Typically measured as a percent of 1RM (one repetition max – the maximum weight lifted for a single attempt/repetition).  A barbell back squat workout at 80% 1RM is more intense than a workout at 70% 1RM.  Simple.
  3. Duration — As a general rule of thumb, aim for workouts that last 20-60 minutes.

So, there’s frequency, intensity, and duration.  Increasing any of these variables, adds up to what?  From a physics perspective:  Increased work capacity (Work = Force x Distance).  And with an increased capacity for physical work, you will build muscle and lose fat and be fabulous.

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