Why I LOVE Being Strong

I’m kinda old fashioned and an idealist… I appreciate the effort, learning, and self-discipline required to accomplish important non-trivial goals. The tougher the challenge, the more satisfying the victory. That’s just me.

When it comes to the physical and mental battle required to build strength, I prefer the long way. Strength and muscle built naturally… In a very real sense, converting wholesome foods into muscle by progressively lifting heavier weights. Sweat, effort, determination. The fight against gravity. It’s fun!

Why I LOVE Being Strong:

  • It keeps me young. What is youth? In a very real way it’s the amount of muscle mass we hold onto (which typically wastes away as one gets older and more sedentary). Use it or lose it.
  • It’s healthy. I know I’m feeding my tissue, cells, body more oxygen and nutrients; releasing more hormones and in greater amounts than would otherwise be released if I did nothing.
  • I have to use my mind. Strength isn’t easily gained. The better informed I am. The better “mental tools” I have at my disposal. The better my results.
  • It feels good. Just me against the bar. PR – Personal Record. Again, it’s fun!

In Strength and Health. -Nuey

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