Whether your fitness goal is to lose weight and tone up, increase strength and gain muscle, or simply feel better and be healthier… a solid plan based on sound exercise science principles will give you the best chance of making it happen. Our personal trainers’ strong understanding of human physiology coupled with the practical aspects coaching — designing a fitness training program tailored to your goals and unique needs, teaching proper exercise technique, motivating, etc. — will help you reach your fitness goals quickly, safely, and effectively.

Step 1 – Introductory Training:

Four 50-minute sessions at our training studio located near downtown San Francisco. This low commitment starter package allows you to get a feel for our training style and to see if training with kettlebells and barbells are right for you. You’ll be introduced to new exercises, receive instruction on proper lifting technique, get answers to training or diet related questions, and obtain a better understanding on what it takes to reach your fitness goals. $325

Step 2 – Two Month Training Program:

Awesome. The introductory sessions made you a believer, and so you decided to keep on. Here, we start work on a personally designed program that takes into account your fitness goals and training experience. Workouts are based around the “big lifts” — squats, deadlifts, cleans, presses, pulls — with the intent of increasing proficiency and strength, and thus fitness.

Step 3 – Reassess and Decide Next Move:

Congratulations! Your consistency, drive, and effort during the past few months have paid off… you’re leaner, you feel stronger and have more energy. In addition to looking and feeling better, you established a knowledge base that removed much of the mystery on what it takes to get fit. Like what you hear? Follow the link below to get started. We are committed to your fitness success.


I’m in. I’m ready. I’m doing it!