Achieving Peak Performance – My Story

Most people wish for more time. They believe that if they only had more time, they could get everything done that they want. I would strongly disagree. It isn’t time that most people need but extra energy to be more productive with the time they have. Whether in your career or in any other aspect of life, high energy is an essential factor of peak performance. Personally, the most important components of peak performance are by far nutrition and living an active lifestyle. Let me demonstrate how modifying your lifestyle can change everything.

Throughout the majority of my teens, I abused my body, generally disregarded it, and basically treated it like crap. I used to melt a 1 lb Hershey’s chocolate bar (high sugar, high fat) in the microwave and eat it with a tablespoon as I sipped my iced tea (high sugar); this was a standard meal. After eating a “meal”, I would be lethargic – sugar crash. Once I turned 18, I decided to diet (unsuccessfully) a few times. Every time I would try restricting my calories and increasing my physical activity, my baseline energy levels would surge through the roof. Once the diet ended, however, I would revert to my old lethargic self and put on body fat.

I would be lying to you if I said that I magically started dieting with perfect self control and have never looked back. This is a journey to a better me, not a “perfect body” destination that I’m trying to reach. Once I changed my outlook on the process, I didn’t get down on myself with the occasional slip up (e.g. cereal bowl at midnight). I would get right back on the horse because I had experienced the following advantages of a healthier, active lifestyle:

  • Increased discipline in other aspects of my life. Since I exercised so much discipline while eating healthy food and maintaining a regular workout schedule, I was constantly flexing this “discipline muscle” and its benefits certainly crossed over.
  • Stable energy levels allowed me to be more productive with my time. Rather than having 3 big sugary meals a day, I divided my meals into 6 smaller portions and improved the quality of my food. It was a little bit of work initially, as any new habit is, but led to my insulin levels being relatively stable. This meant I never crashed or felt the need to scarf down food due to starvation. I could actually get in a state of “flow” and get work done. I was able to think faster and clearer.
  • I felt more confident not only due to an enhanced physical appearance but also because I was able to take control of my own body.

It goes without saying that a healthy lifestyle goes well beyond just looks. Our health and well-being trump everything else. If you’ve tried attempting a new diet/workout regimen but have fallen short, fear not. We have very capable trainers with a plethora of experience that can help you along your journey to achieving peak performance to make sure you lead a full and healthy life. Come in today for a free consultation!


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