Self Leadership Coaching


After a successful eleven year career as a personal trainer and owner of a fitness training studio, the muse within whispered, pulled and let it be known it was time for change.... I earned my coaching certificate from Erickson Academy (an ICF ACTP accredited coach training program) in October 2018.

I am deeply committed to the craft and profession of coaching. And since entering this field, I have been on a journey of growth and learning to both satiate my curiosity, and also to uphold professional and ethical obligations to my clients by obtaining a solid foundation of coaching skill, knowledge and competence upon which to consistently build.

Over the years, this journey of working with clients, reading and studying books, attending seminars, and following my intuition and the "bread crumbs" of references has lead me to Psychosynthesis (a Humanistic and Transpersonal psychology) which resonates with me and which I consider my philosophical coaching home.

Although too, I acknowledge and am grateful for the other tools and perspectives offered by different coaching schools/philosophies; a few of which that have influenced me include developmental, integral, somatic, narrative, transformational, REBT, and business leadership coaching.

I am currently enrolled in Psychosynthesis Circle - Course 1 offered by Psychosynthesis leader, therapist and coach Ann Gila.

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