life coaching

Purposeful Life Coaching

Said simply, the intent of life coaching is to assist you in getting from point A to point B, and possibly beyond if you so desire. Yet as with so many things in life, this is typically easier said than done. Know, you have a better chance of reaching point B when you have a clearer sense and understanding of what your point B (your target, goal, aim) actually is. And just as importantly, where your point A (current reality and situation) is in relation to B.

This distance and difference - in terms of time, space, action/work to be done, etc - between start A and destination B is known as the Gap. And traversing this Gap is your life (Is this an outside or inside job? Yes); the time, energy, planning, work, joys and pains as you bring vision into reality.

Coaching Will Allow You To

“The higher we climb, the more comprehensive the view. Each new vantage point yields a better understanding of the interconnection of things. What is more, gradual accumulation of understanding is punctuated by sudden and startling enlargements of the horizon, as when we reach the brow of a hill and see things never conceived of in the ascent. Once we have found our bearings in the new landscape, our path to the most recently attained summit is laid bare and takes its honorable place in the new world.”

―Julian Barbour