Self Leadership Coaching


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  • 55 minute phone coaching sessions.
  • Two coaching sessions per month.
  • Coaching on a per month basis; though 2-4 month commitment is recommended.
  • Coaching program is designed to be an ongoing coaching relationship where client is coached for a fixed time block (2-4 months), and then optionally reengages with coaching approximately every 6 months thereafter.
  • The thinking here is similiar regular car maintenance or dental exam visits, except now, we're in the domain of life, mind, self understanding and personal effectiveness.

I will "meet you where you're at, and we will proceed from there." Coaching is non directive. That is, rather than the coach setting the agenda and having all the answers, the Power to Decide Stays With the Client (You).

As a correct but somewhat overly simplified description, the coaching strategy is - through relevant and evocative questions - to explore and clarify your desired outcomes/future and to better understand how your "current reality" lies in relationship to this desired outcome. And from here, we develop an actionable, practical plan to "bridge the gap" from current reality to desired outcomes/future.

Along the way, and as needed, we explore and clarify your core values, desires and motivations that drive behavior, and attempt to give you a better understanding of yourself so that you can "better work with yourself," rather than against. Know thyself.

There is power in words and in speaking. There is power in hearing yourself speak to a skilled and attentive listener. And thus, this is one of serveral benefits in coaching.