Self Leadership Coaching


You may be a good candidate for coaching if….

  • You’re at a crossroads in life, and aren’t exactly sure how and in what way to move forward. Life seems confusing, you’re standing on shaky ground, and the possible paths forward are many though foggy, unclear and not well defined. Your heart sinks.
  • There’s something you’ve been working on or has been stewing in the back of your mind - for months, possibly even years - that you’ve attempted to achieve, except for various and sometimes seemingly baffling reasons, you haven’t been able to achieve yet.
  • You want more out of life. You want more out of you. You know you have it in you, but just haven’t been able to release the inner brakes and release your power. You want to Play a Bigger Game.
  • Something feels missing in your life but you can’t quite put your finger on it. For all intents and purposes, everything should be fine, life should be great. You have a good job, friends, family, health. But still….

If you can relate to any of these situations, then We Should Talk.

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